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 Natural Handmade Goat Milk Soap  in the Augusta, GA / Aiken, SC / CSRA
  Since 2007

About Us
Handmade Natural Goat Milk Soaps in the Aiken / Augusta area

Several of you have asked me why goat milk.  On a whim I tried goat milk soap several years ago in an effort to help with my skin problems. I had finger tips that cracked and split open so often we super glued them back together. I was on a nightly regiment of steroid cream on my hands with gloves to keep it on all night. This didn't even keep my fingers from splitting. My mother and grandfather had this problem I thought there was no solution just live with it.  Also, everytime I got out of the shower I itched.  I thought I was allergic to water. My kids had itchy rashy skin and we had tried everything the doctor said.  So we really weren't very serious when we tried the a goat milk soap.  When I realized it really did make all of our skin issues go away I was a really amazed.  I couldn't believe it was this simple.  Then I couldn't find anyone in the area selling this special soap.  After much research we started making soap for our family and got sort of hooked.  Believing that I could help others with issues like we had, we started sharing our soap and it grew.  Now we bathe, wash our hair, and even wash our dogs with our soap.  We had one dry itchy dog and he no longer scratches.

Now the FDA won't let me make any medical claims. However,  I have a following of people that had eczema and other skin conditions and swear by my soap.  Weekly I receive calls from new customers who can't believe that it helped them. I even have a customer with a itchy dog using my soap. As I get this website up and running my goal is to encourage anyone with a story about my soap to send it in to my e-mail or my google+ page.  Although I won't promise you that it will cure your skin problem, I know it has helped my family.
I believe in this soap so much that I  will give a free sample of my unscented soap to people who ask. If you can't come by and get your sample, I will mail you one.  I only request that you pay shipping. Just send me a self address envelope and $1 in check form (please do not send dollar bills in the mail) and I will mail you a sample.  
Send your request to:
Handmade Goat Soap Samples
27 Garrett Road
Edgefield, SC 29824